Filling Circles

DISCLAIMER: This post does not apply to all those crazy people who get great SAT scores.

Most of us students who carry the weight of our ambitions to study at a good university in the United States face what we dread the most, the SAT’s.

Considering my bad performance on the test (I got 1960), I decided to express my feelings through a poem. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve written a poem inspired from my experience of the SAT’s. Please be merciful too – I’m new at rhyming words.

A click to woo them – the monsters

called upon by thou, to plunder thy mind

with a sum paid – to kill by sword – to drown in seas

met with valor, with swollen chest and burning pride

of a glimmering hope, and with the shadow of dreams

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A month ago, just as my A’level examinations kicked off, I thought to myself: ” I’m going to miss CIE. My life for the past five years have revolved around it. How will I ever forget this?”

NOW. Things have changed. I HATE CIE. I HATE A’LEVELS.

My first exam was Mathematics P1, which went pretty well, but for the mathematics paper that followed P1, horror ensued. LITERALLY. You can almost paint an image of a troll face in your mind as you stare helplessly across the white paper, and down on it as an insolvable question bares it’s teeth.

I hope I make it through this. Limping around on a condition, my mind is in a state of panic. It really sucks when you realize that you need to do more, but you don’t have the time for it.

Here’s to hoping that you never face similar circumstances!

(CIE = Cambridge International Examinations)