Filling Circles

DISCLAIMER: This post does not apply to all those crazy people who get great SAT scores.

Most of us students who carry the weight of our ambitions to study at a good university in the United States face what we dread the most, the SAT’s.

Considering my bad performance on the test (I got 1960), I decided to express my feelings through a poem. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve written a poem inspired from my experience of the SAT’s. Please be merciful too – I’m new at rhyming words.

A click to woo them – the monsters

called upon by thou, to plunder thy mind

with a sum paid – to kill by sword – to drown in seas

met with valor, with swollen chest and burning pride

of a glimmering hope, and with the shadow of dreams

A burden felt soon enough as the paper ruffles

when not a wind blows – yet the intellect rebels

And crusades against the intruder – at broken dawn

To conquer the once conquered, and to live the dream

So when the time nears, the hair would begin to fall

Tears and sweat burn with struggle, to find thyself

The inner peace – to break the silence of a shattered mind

But now, the time looms close, and the day beckons

to blow up the anger, and the fear, and the destruction

on a booklet weighing thy whole world

A wooden chair – the weapon of grim

Shaken to shake thy senses into the chaotic regime

To thunder mass on a soft heart, and to kill

with a single blow – the valor, the chest and

The pride hath gone – filled with darkness abound

So soon the hand is moved – and compelled

to roll away the black dust on a blank sheet

A sheet with no clue, no answers, no directions

waiting to burn you down when another day comes

All the time when all you can do is to fill the circles


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