Death of an unborn dream

by Awais Leghari

I think I want to do Computer Sciences. I THINK. But I do not know for sure. However, there are a few things I’m certain of. I hate Medicine, so I don’t want to drag myself into this biological abyss. Where to, then?

My parents have always dreamed about me wearing a laboratory coat, not the ones students wear when they are required to perform practicals in their school labs, but when a doctor in reputed hospital adorns it.

At first, my conscience forced me to abandon my “uncertainty theory”. I looked out for the positives of adorning the white long coat. I did find plenty of good reasons; good money, respected status, possibly a good-looking wife, Heavens etc. But as the fabric of time wore by, these “good reasons” failed to contain the “uncertainty theory”. I do not know what to do, what career path to take, who to make my idol – I do not know and I’m proud of this fact.


Today, I THINK I want to develop Software and Video Games for Computers. Every child has a right to dream about his or her prospective career. Parents thrust their ambitions and dreams upon their children, which I believe equates to murder. A person is all about his or her dreams, all about what he or she thinks. Taking this option away for them is to literally guide their beautiful, constructive minds to the grave.


If your parents are forcing you to do something you’re not sure If you want to do, do not misbehave, do not rebel, but with an honest approach, confront them peacefully. Explain to them what YOU believe in, and what you stand for, because your beliefs and ideals may be the only things you truly possess.