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Uncertainty Can Inspire

Two years ago, when I started my A’levels, I pledged to work hard and achieve my dream of attending a college in US. As days passed and my involvement in ‘real life circumstances’ grew, my mind faded from the ‘bigger picture’ I had in my mind. It’s really that easy – when confounded by challenges in life, one tends to forget the real challenge i.e. to remain focused on the real dream. I lost out on my dream. I didn’t prosper academically therefore, life passed it’s verdict that was painful yet correct. I lost out on my dream.

As much as that hurts, I reject the claim of ‘dreaming small, and dreaming real’. True, one of the techniques to stay focused is to set up goals that are achievable. But what’s the point of dreaming, then? Aren’t dreams all about doing the impossible and inspiring others to do the same? Isn’t dreaming all about extending the boundaries and coming out of the closet? Isn’t it all about achieving what others thought impossible to achieve? If you think it is, then follow the dream.

A few days ago, I had an argument with my cousin. He said he was going to become a doctor to ‘secure’ his future financially. He argued that doctors are well respected, much needed and hence highly paid. Do not make the mistake of rejecting my cousin’s argument. He speaks the truth, somewhat. His main dream is to live like a rich bourgeoisie, and I respect his ambition. In order to achieve this dream, he is taking a ‘correct’ path i.e. surveying the possible careers that could accelerate him to his destination. Him becoming a doctor can do just that. But there’s this problem.

You give up yourself. You let yourself become a prey to the dirty world out there that tempts you to take the shortcut. Glory, my readers, is earned through hard work and taking the long route, not by following what is obvious. Dreams are supposed to inspire others, they’re supposed to achieve something that seems impossible, they’re supposed to instill ideals that you cannot otherwise learn. Dreams are born from the heart, and not from logic or reasoning.

And perhaps that’s why I loved my childhood. Innocence brings the ‘purity’ out of a human. To supplement this, I found a really good excerpt, which comes from a song by the band ‘Enter Shikari’

When I was little

I dressed up as an astronaut and explored outer space

I dressed up as a superhero and ran about the place

I dressed up as a fireman, and rescued those in need

I dressed up as a doctor, and cured -every- disease.

The dreams of a child amaze me. They reflect on the limitless human passion to succeed and look beyond what is obvious, and do something that others might think is not possible.

So what should my cousin do? He should follow the lead of his heart and discover his true calling, even if it turns out to be medicine in the end. I’m sure his ‘destination’ will take a dramatic turnaround, because dreams sometimes ends up grooming an individual with principles.

Furthermore, there’s a crucial element that makes all of this happen, and I call it the mother of dreams – UNCERTAINTY. Yes, it’s uncertainty. You just don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or in the very next hour. While for some this can be a deterrent, it should never be. It should inspire you to dream BIG. Because you CANNOT know what will happen if you just follow your dream. May be it will lead you to a path that spirals downward, but there is certainly a probability of 0.5 that the same path might lead you to fame and glory, and to your desired destination.

Therefore, go out, take a walk, and figure out what your dream is, what you want to do for the rest of your life. Find your calling, be uncertain, and inspire!


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