The Untamed Beast (Poem)

by Awais Leghari

I won’t tell you what this poem is about, or what sort of inspiration caused me to pen this down. It’s very close to me, so close that the poem is encrypted and I can’t tell you what’s it’s about. Does it take away the purpose of reading a literary piece? If yes, then read it for my sake.

The untamed beast struck tonight

Dripping ignorance, referring the past

To what end? Of humiliation? Of principles

that live no more?

I have never stayed quiet, and 

I never will – replying boastfully

with answers on a fool’s wager,

which, however, I did lose

Not because logic towered and 

conquered, but because ignorance

had no answers – and so it was proved


I used to love the beast, but

no more – he cannot understand me

and never will – so let him live

and let me live too – the only 

difference will be the pride that I

will never surrender as this is what

I had believed in – a stage where

I got on, partially by luck and 

partially by mental torture


To some, I am a fool, to some, a sane 

I do wait for the day when the

beast finally admits his mistake, and

realizes that his ignorance might not

wither away – the ignorance he now refers 

to as wisdom – but wisdom is not 

a currency, not uniform, but specific

wisdom is relative, it has led to death, to rape

and to destruction – Wisdom was it not when they said ‘Heil Hitler?’

So let me make this comparison

as it does hold true – that the beast 

has no mind to understand this – yet even

when my love evaporates, I feel ashamed

I feel unlucky that the beast cannot be tamed

This poem does not adhere to any fixed rule or pattern, and is completely based on free-style. As I’m new to writing poetry, I will not mind you reading this and guiding me to become a better poet. Cheers. 🙂