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Arguments and the Stubborn Fool

I have the ‘argumentation’ habit; for some of my closest friends, I am a stubborn stupid who does not acquiesce to whatever they say. Nonetheless, they do agree to the fact that I listen to their arguments throughout – without a pause – and then reveal my stupidity. I feel proud of this achievement – at least I listen to what they have to say. Many among us don’t even do that, which deprives them of the ‘feel’ in the argument presented by their counterpart. For once, I have finally discovered a primary applicable use of parliamentary debating.  Continue reading

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National Youth Summit – The Joke


Yes, the name is pretty catchy – National Youth Summit. Such an event is one of it’s kind here, I can assure you. It’s empowering the youth in a weird sort of a way, or at least it claims to. It’s where you (If you’re young) will burst with energy and the neurons in your brain will grow vastly beyond the geography of your skull, consequentially popping out mathematical answers to every problem in the country. Welcome – the National Youth Summit is here to greet you for the very first time.  Continue reading



Before I present my side of the argument, let’s just revise what you had said that has me excited over this debate.

Sanya Shiraz: “Firstly, my religious beliefs and between me and my God. I won’t have anyone telling me whether or not religion is a playing tool. Secondly, I know it isn’t. Thirdly, and importantly enough if you would have read my message correctly, I said I don’t believe in them or think that they’re wrong because I’m not knowledgeable about them. I’m not one of those people who’ll read the Quran and take it for what it is. It’s not just a book for me. If it really is a so called guide book, then maybe I’ll read it that way, when I really want to learn more about my religion. Lastly, I don’t not agree with things because they don’t appeal to me. Religion is a matter of choice. I only pray right now cuz my mom wants me too and cuz it does give me peace. You know, if God Himself isn’t here to impose any conditions on whichever way I choose to communicate with him, I don’t see why anybody else should have the right.”

Continue reading

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My Turn Disappears

They speak, and they speak on,

My turn finally arrives, and disappears

The heart aches, searching wild for lost opportunity

asking of the guilt non-existent, which they

think does exist – again – the turn to reply disappears


Annoyed, irritated, unsatisfied after a broken meal,

I ask them why and they reply with sneer and taunt,

rejecting claim, once again – my turn disappears

Now the veins I feel, I feel that they constrict

So I try to rekindle the candle against a winter storm


But winters are never warm, a cold reply fits

They ask me to abandon, and move away

‘you have no taste for this, no mind and no wit’

I ask them why – their reply disappears, and in turn

ends my turn – the clash ends before it has time to groom


Now, midst lost claim and time gone, I asked myself

Why? How? What? Where? When?

To all, I could not find another story but just one

and that one was all the reason of my plight

the plight bearing enigma, horror and damnation


The argument began – vicariously I re-imagined,

between two friends, one sane and one ‘insane’

heaping muck, tossing down the spirit

but not one who was expected of such – the crown

rested on a the sane, the shame he refused to own


Self righteous, a man or an axiom, still uncertain

however losing, cursing and rejecting

the calm ‘insane’, who clamored for righteous explanation

when none of it came – what to do now?

dismiss, reject and burn the inner man – the insane


And so a path finally forged, the crucifying purpose

of an ill man, killing the insane, killing what we used to call

the people who told the church to accept that Earth is not flat

but truth is hard to take, when power, reputation and self is on the stake

bravery vaporizes, and the insane has to die


Why? How? What? Where? When?

It happened, and it happened with no one to stop

And today, the insane yet lives, no, he hides instead

hides behind not a veil, but a trap,

a trap that reiterates – your turn has disappeared.