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National Youth Summit – The Joke


Yes, the name is pretty catchy – National Youth Summit. Such an event is one of it’s kind here, I can assure you. It’s empowering the youth in a weird sort of a way, or at least it claims to. It’s where you (If you’re young) will burst with energy and the neurons in your brain will grow vastly beyond the geography of your skull, consequentially popping out mathematical answers to every problem in the country. Welcome – the National Youth Summit is here to greet you for the very first time. 

When you open that link, a very bold message describes what this Summit is about. It reads as follows:

In this time of adversity when Pakistan is going through a political and economic turmoil and when the Islamic Republic of Pakistan the first ideological state to appear on the world map is in headlines for all undesired reasons such as poverty, inflation, internal security threats, political instability, energy crisis etc. The moral imperative lies on us, the youth of Pakistan, which constitutes to 65% of this nation’s population to help their homeland when it needs them the most. 
The time is now and the platform the National Youth Summit, an initiative of young students of O&A levels and under-graduates across Pakistan to help their country amid all the problems it faces. 
The National Youth Summit aims to gather the youth of Pakistan to deliberate and resolve some of the most pertinent and imminent issues which the country faces. Issues such as the energy crisis, the economic downturn, revision of the Foreign Policy , Health & Education Infrastructure and other matters of national importance.

Highlights: (tentative)
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Concert
Guest Speakers: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Foreign Minister Hina R Khar, Khurshid Kasuri, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Imran Khan, Governor Khosa, Gen R Musharraf (Skype), Jehangir Tareen, Aitzaz Ahsan, S M Zafar, Asma Jehangir, Najam Sethi, Mohammad Maalick, Rauf Kelasara, Arif Nizami, Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY), Maria B, Nadia Jamil, Nilofar Shahid, and Shehzad Roy among many others. 

So there we have it. As I skimmed through all of this message, the only thing that seemed attractive was the concert – hands down. All of the rest written above is a bag full of scum. Why? If that really is your question my friend, your head contains not a brain, but something else, something much inferior than a brain.

The part about the undesired problems is true nonetheless. Pakistan is in the midst of clattering issues that actually threaten it’s very integrity. Now the message screams wildly that the ‘moral imperative lies on the youth’ to do something about this nation. I think there’s nothing wrong with this idea too. IN COMES THE NATIONAL YOUTH SOCIALIZING SUMMIT SCAM. Their target audience comprises of the O&A level students as well as the undergraduate students across the country. The aims of this stupid conference is to rethink the possible solutions to all the problems out there – including the energy crises, the economic downturn, revision of the Foreign policy and what not. How can students whose age bracket will be from 15 years to 20 years solve all of these daunting problems? Do you think an O level student can come out popping and say: “hey, I have just pooped a fucking amazing mind-boggling out of this world big ass solution to each and every problem of this nation?”

This format is somewhat similar to what a Model United Nation Conference looks like, but even an MUN doesn’t say that it will solve all the problems out there in the world. The purpose of an MUN is just to give participants an idea of how the UN actually works – and basically it teaches us to be witty in our public speaking. That’s it. However, this youth bummer is just plain fraud. REVISION OF THE FOREIGN POLICY, REALLY? Do they even know how a foreign policy is composed, considering what circumstances and ideals? I can bet – hands down – if you go around a good school in Pakistan and ask this question to any student out there, no one will give you the right answer. NO ONE WILL. To cut it short, the students of this age are not equipped mentally, physically or by any means, to resolve such daunting problems. These problems are tackled by experts – the ones who know at least what they’re doing and these kind of people are highly educated and highly experienced in their fields. No student can solve anything that this ass-summit has on it’s plate.

Furthermore, the guest speakers on this conference highlights it’s incompetence. Most of these people are the ones responsible for almost all the problems that Pakistan is today facing. It’s not that these people didn’t cause all those problems deliberately – THEY VERY WELL DID. It’s because of their wild drive for corruption that Pakistan is at it’s knees right now, and the last thing we should do is to respect them. If I were a man in authority, I would’ve crucified them for all what they have done to my country. AND THESE PEOPLE ARE THE GUEST SPEAKERS. WOW.

To be honest, this conference is just another way of earning bucks for it’s organizers and nothing else. The companies who sponsor such things are just advertising, and all those students who might pour over to this conference are first of all sterile, and second of all just there to socialize and crave for popular attention – that’s pretty much it. What sucks is the fact that these people hold a conference that aims at something else, ends up doing something completely different. What’s even more sick is the fact that media brands these young people as the intelligentsia of this nation – when they are fucking not; they’re just ugly dimwits. I condemn National Youth Summit. Yay.


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