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Arguments and the Stubborn Fool

I have the ‘argumentation’ habit; for some of my closest friends, I am a stubborn stupid who does not acquiesce to whatever they say. Nonetheless, they do agree to the fact that I listen to their arguments throughout – without a pause – and then reveal my stupidity. I feel proud of this achievement – at least I listen to what they have to say. Many among us don’t even do that, which deprives them of the ‘feel’ in the argument presented by their counterpart. For once, I have finally discovered a primary applicable use of parliamentary debating.  Today, I was in midst of an argument pertaining the situation gripping the Middle east for almost half a century. For obvious reasons, Israel was being identified as the culprit, something to which I did agree, by the way.

“They (Israeli Military) are killing innocent civilians in Palestine, can’t you see?”

Thank you sir for telling me that but God has not made me blind. Whatever you can see, I can see it too. They kill innocent people, no denying that, however. The manner of tone was strikingly sharp, piercing into me as if it was a bee sting coated with poison. I didn’t appreciate that, you know.

Nonetheless, I carried on the argument humbly when he began hovering around his favorite topic: Conspiracy theories and the Jews.

Arguments are fought with logic, for most people apparently. But my friend here was oblivious to the basic rules of argumentation. When there is no common ground to support the nature of the arguments being discussed, the whole building collapses. And that building was waiting to collapse.

I gave in to the ‘supreme logic’ behind conspiracy theories. One thing that did come out useful in the whole mix was the tendency of people to blame others for their own suffering. Even though this fact regarding the tendency is fairly known and common, but one needs a reminder now and then. I appreciated that.

The story doesn’t really end here. When I tried to provide counter-arguments to the ideals behind the conspiracy theories, I was branded as stupid, as the one who never understands, the stubborn fool. With that, they added to my humiliation by laughing over whatever I spoke about. I had plenty to say, but none of it came out.

Something floats right now in the back of my mind, pushing me and teasing me to not publish this article. That idea tells me that this isn’t really important. But I am weak, and I admit to that fact. But even though I stand here as a weak man, I think I can be proud of that. Being the stubborn fool has stopped me from talking much, but perhaps it has forced me to end the writing drought on this blog. Good, isn’t it?



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