Reflecting back while moving forward

From a past couple of days, my life has turned upside down. It has meandered past expectations into the realms of the unthinkable. All of this – unfortunately – isn’t positive at all. I was looking to put words to the circumstances I’m enduring right now but they wouldn’t just flow. Sometimes, even the hardest of circumstances steal your words.

I opened, without conviction, a notepad I used to write on. On the very first page, I found a poem I once wrote for the sake of practice; here it is:-

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Why Pizza Hut made a good decision

A lot of restaurants through out the country (Pakistan) join the Ramadan (Islamic Fasting Month) bandwagon as soon as the month arrives. From ‘All you can eat’ deals to the discounted, well-balanced diet plans, these restaurants lead the line. However, most people in Pakistan are ‘fast food crazy’ hence the lucky charm of Ramadan brings in a lot of money for the fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s etc. Continue reading “Why Pizza Hut made a good decision”

The right thing for your mood

It’s very easy to get bored in these long summer holidays. School keeps you involved in everything; from friends to studying to politics, school life never bores anyone. However, holidays, specially the ones after the end of high school, are perhaps the longest and the most boring. You simply cannot visit your best friend every other day and play with him. You simply cannot enjoy playing on your console all the time and you simply cannot sit around on the bed holding your laptop, at home. And then, a ray of light breaks the dark; StumbleUpon is undoubtedly, as far as I’m concerned, the best thing to get you out of boredom.  Continue reading “The right thing for your mood”