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Why Pizza Hut made a good decision

A lot of restaurants through out the country (Pakistan) join the Ramadan (Islamic Fasting Month) bandwagon as soon as the month arrives. From ‘All you can eat’ deals to the discounted, well-balanced diet plans, these restaurants lead the line. However, most people in Pakistan are ‘fast food crazy’ hence the lucky charm of Ramadan brings in a lot of money for the fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s etc.

Without a doubt, judging from the trend, Pizza Hut’s “All you can eat” Ramadan deal steals the spotlight year after year. Pizza, being uncommon among the Pakistani household as far as the dining table at home is concerned, a slice of pizza translates into pure joy for many – just like the concept of eating ice cream as you always feel happy consuming it. However, this year around, the ice cream turned bland and sour. Pizza Hut has scrapped the “All you can eat” Ramadan deal and replaced it with this one:

The new deal which replaced the infamous “All you can eat” Ramadan deal.

The misleading advertisement nonetheless claimed that the “All you can eat and drink is back”; many don’t know that now Pizza Hut has ascertained all by itself the dietary requirements of a fasting Muslim (I’m only assuming). Now, instead of getting a slice after slice of Pizza, you only get a medium sized 7’inch Pizza (If I remember correctly) with unlimited amount of soft drinks coupled with a plate full of salad.

People could not have accepted the breaking of the old tradition. Furious comments followed, prompting even the Sky News to report about the strategy shift. Even though Pizza Hut claims that it’s transactions are going really well, I seriously doubt it because from my nearest social circle to the farthest one, everyone is disappointed – and this disappointment is spreading like a wave.

Regardless of popular disappointment, I feel great about what Pizza Hut has done.

Going with Pizza Hut’s own reasoning, wastage of food in this Holy month is a serious issue. When you don’t know how much hungry a customer is, you can never anticipate his or her requirement. This uncertainty loomed over the last few years as Pizza Hut rummaged into the market everywhere with it’s famous deal; resulting only in a lot of wastage of food, money and energy.

Logic demanded that such an action should be taken – saving money is important to any business out there in the market, and when saving money comes along with saving energy and food, I think the change is worth it. But there’s more to all of this.

Let me remind you about what Ramadan is all about. It’s about thanking God for the numerous blessings He has seen fit to shower upon us, and we can only thank Him in the truest sense possible if we endure our life without the luxuries we usually have. Not eating and drinking all the way from before sunrise to the sunset is about realizing the plight of the poor, who have to frequently face such circumstances. I think the concept of Ramadan is beautiful and it should be upheld. It makes us live the life of a poor human being and in turns helps us to become better, understanding human beings.

So when people rush towards the fancy restaurants and food chains, they forget this beautiful concept. How hypocritical is it to stuff yourself up after fasting the whole day? Do we really understand that fasting is not merely a dieting exercise, but a spiritual one? Unfortunately, the answer for many of us is ‘no’.

It was time someone took a bold step and put a limit to this madness – even if it means business.


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