by Awais Leghari

Well, why should I give up on my dreams?

Kendall Ciesemier

As the New Year begins, I start to think of all that I want to experience in 2012.

I jot down a list of dreams, ideas and goals for the future. Some of the items on the list are the same as the previous year, some have been tossed out, and some are of new interest.  The only rule I have for this activity is that the items on the list have no limits based on “achievability”.

So far, this list making has served me well, not because I have realized all of my dreams, but because it has forced me to think beyond my comfort zone, beyond possibility, and to confront my natural fear of failure.  It’s an exercise in thinking, and subsequently, living fearlessly.

My effort to live fearlessly stems from growing up with a chronic illness.  From a young age I knew that my only true limits…

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