Nothing (Poem)

by Awais Leghari

This following poem is an example of freestyle poetry. Would love some feedback on the effort.


A dark blue counterpane,
stands a cowl to me, to my ardour
blanketing my wretchedness, concealing the euphoria
enkindling an uncanny concoction 
brewing up the caprice
But I look on,
envisaging a bridleway, or a carousel 
an organic escape, or a vicious puppetry
a sinless fortune, or a depraved existence
despair, however greets
not for the dearth of good
but for ensuing uncertainty
Slowly, the counterpane lifts
expectancies trump, moment is numb
tears dry, yet the eyes are still wet
‘encapsulate this’, my mind cheerfully challenged
consumed on ecstasy
my eyes dashed wide
hair ruffled, drawing life, evincing life
scars breathed, skin basked
And then, there was nothing
Absolutely nothing