The leanings of a sun,

meets the cache
stumbles on a red gripe
and she catches a word
puts it in time
and enshrines the emotion
lives it and dreams
like a rainbow as it appears, 
but there is no rain
perplex, as are her eyes
a beetling eyebrow, 
the mask caressing beauty
now, emerges a bout of breeze
the light stops,
a shimmer shrugs off
echo of a heart-beat thunders yet still
Was there even a beginning
the records wiped off,
the pages sets asunder 
a new tale 
awaiting encryption
inside a covert bedspread
and a distant hum
flows into the strings of a heart
and the dunes migrate
with a wind, the tale transmutes
each day, a sunshine
lights a fire
and she sops it up
a fine stream emits 
from soul to soul, as a bond unfolds
the grass is now growing
but your time is still young
A flashing black cloud
marches in, tumbles 
silence, but no storm
is this the silence before a storm?
the dust is unsettled
calm scattered, a night in a day
she knows this will last
motion seizes, and so does she
yet, the clocks tick on
crumbling seconds, minutes and hours
reveals a stratum, 
the thread of the same fabric
weaves her 
and now, a twitch
the fire now rises
spills finally the misty cache
from under a pillow
from out of a window
a wave hits
and now, she is ready
and now, she smiles



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