Selfish, Stray Thoughts

Unsung thoughts, I would like to call them. With music slipping through to your ears as you enjoy the comfort of laying back in bed, earphones on, and just silently thinking and evaluating life, never ignore the grandeur of this moment; it is significant.

This is simple, yet such an elegant way of thinking. I think I’m in love with this activity.

Perhaps I have been doing it too much over the course of my life, but often when you don’t have the luxuries that you once did, importance of these ‘stripped’ moments become more prominent.

I don’t know if any of you readers go through this, but if you do, I hope you appreciate it. Because its surreal. Because the very act of active thinking, of being free from all sorts of obligations and just plainly evaluating your future motives, or just assessing issues, is so liberating an act in itself.

And music has a very important role to play in it. If you tell me that you can do all of this while listening to Drake or to My Chemical Romance, I would vehemently protest. Or would simply accept it, knowing that the quality of what you think is demeaning to your own capabilities and assume that you’re burdened by circumstances and not entirely free.

Here, the best kind of music comes from Wolfgang Amedeus (Mozart), Bach, or modern day bands such as ‘Balmorhea’. Give them a try. Step out of your comfort zone, for once.

As of now, I feel the need to motivate myself. I feel that persistence is the key to overcome all the obstacles that I’m facing right now in my life. There’s hope, amidst popular opinion of you being a failure, that a day will come when you will finally accomplish that you’ve always wanted to. Sit back for a moment and pause; think about how strong this feeling would be, if it were to be true at the instant you were reading this.

Such a simple thought – one that is not even true – that disseminates a strong sense of security in an atmosphere of uncertainty and a subconscious acceptance of failure. But to me, this is important. Because at this instant, I don’t feel powerless. At this instant, I feel that the destiny of this world is really in my hands, and that I can change it.

And more than once have I thought about people who have actually done it. While at the same time it gives me hope and the motivation that I lack, it amazes me beyond my wits. How amazing would it be to see something accomplished that you always wanted to? A dream being realised; change being set in motion. So much to live for.

I have a special message for my friend. I know that times are cruel at this instant for you, but hold on because you’re better than what you think you are. Your potential transgresses boundaries that you have set for yourself and once you realise this, I swear you will be an unbreakable spirit. This depressing time too, shall pass and give way to the greener pastures ahead.



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