Writing Daily Prompts

by Awais Leghari

I am slowly being consumed by an obsession to write with heart, clarity, longevity and precision. The obsession is fresh and subtle, hovering above me and poking my conscience to screen words across any screen I encounter for the purpose of eliciting a judgment. Time will help me determine if feeding to such an obsession is optimal, but for now, it has prompted me to take measures – or think about them at least – that I would otherwise not be interested in. I want to find my lost voice in the classroom, participate in a discussion and make it meaningful. I want to engage in reviving this blog and write something of worth every day. I want to pick a book and smash through it in a matter of few days. I want to develop a voracious appetite for greatness with an increased intellect.

Today’s prompt is about acceptance. I will not pretend that my sudden flurry of obsessiveness is random, devoid of thought and inconsequential. It is about acceptance. I do not subscribe to the spirit of believing in self-sustenance. If people were all that great, there would have been no need to write about anything in the world, to create anything wonderful, or to feel anything of importance. Our actions – in one way or another – are motivated by some form of acceptance. We don’t want to look in the mirror and see a person who does not accept his or her own worth.