A Rant

People have a fetish: debaters are constantly bickering about meaningless things – everything that could be utterly useless – and they don’t realize it but they are still afforded great attention. An audience is always at their disposal of viewpoints.

It is not too hard to know why.

We have an appetite for the scandalous, bold and dangerous opinion, no matter how much we later try to suppress it. We also have an appetite to engage with such opinions. Most of the debaters are the object of envious contempt and this predisposition has exponentially grown; ‘snobby teens with weak physical frames’ are easy targets, and for most, ‘they have it coming’ because they can outspeak the ‘normal’ with commanding theatrical performances and outwit the same with glossy words and complicated sentence structures. So the only way for the ‘normal’ to turn to is abuse; words start meaning a lot more than they should, and things escalate beyond meager sentences and highly charged verbal spats. Interestingly enough, resorting to other means isn’t a concession; no one believes they are wrong or that they have the weaker argument. It is the debaters; they are the fools who love twisting words and dragging people into unnecessary conflict just for the sake of it. Exceptionally exemplary sadists, in-fact.

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