About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Awais Leghari, and thank you for visiting my blog.

What I write is objectively irrelevant, but who cares for objectivity on a personal blog anyway. At the risk of sounding cliché, writing has been an active therapy recourse for me, for as long as griefs have been inflicted upon my life.

While writing surely is a therapy for me, this blog will not, in all probability, entail thoughts that are worthy of introspection or elevated thought. I do not pour my griefs in the open for everyone to read. Those things are secret. However, some of the thoughts that do not reflect my grief, but still reflect my life in other ways, can be found here. I hope that you, the reader, learn something from this space, and if not learn anything, then at-least not be bored.

The two pictures below are from 5 years ago. I do not look like this anymore. I am fatter, quirkier and much less beautiful. But I love these pictures, so I’ll just keep them anyway.


*This bio has been updated after 4 years. (31st May, 2016).



Heroes Showdown at Farewell

Fake Cigar.


I was actually A boss, here – and not like one.

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