Why hindrance is inevitable

For all those who read ‘Nebulous – the science journal‘, you’d remember the article i wrote there, about ‘The dimensions of the procedure‘. It was basically a philosophical article meant to examine how the activities of science have been conducted over the years, and how it might be limiting our quest for knowledge. I received a comment on that post telling me that the article didn’t provide something solid, and I admit to that guilt that I wrote it when my thoughts were in a rudimentary stage. Therefore, now that I’ve given some thought over this, I’ll be able to muster it into a post, which hopefully, will clear you off any ambiguity regarding the stance I’m going to take.

So, what was the initial spark that led to me question some of the fundamental aspects of science? It was the advent of the final examination of my school. It’s this simple –  when solving some mathematics paper, i discovered a new formula in arithmetic progression; although it doesn’t hold that ‘awe’ element, but still, the message it carried to me was obvious and amazing at the same time. Human capacity to engage in the quest for knowledge is an amazing one, and something we definitely need to focus on. It’s the art of thinking coupled with the need to attain satisfaction that has really played the pivotal role in human’s progress but the question is, are we limiting ourselves in that very quest of knowledge?

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A month ago, just as my A’level examinations kicked off, I thought to myself: ” I’m going to miss CIE. My life for the past five years have revolved around it. How will I ever forget this?”

NOW. Things have changed. I HATE CIE. I HATE A’LEVELS.

My first exam was Mathematics P1, which went pretty well, but for the mathematics paper that followed P1, horror ensued. LITERALLY. You can almost paint an image of a troll face in your mind as you stare helplessly across the white paper, and down on it as an insolvable question bares it’s teeth.

I hope I make it through this. Limping around on a condition, my mind is in a state of panic. It really sucks when you realize that you need to do more, but you don’t have the time for it.

Here’s to hoping that you never face similar circumstances!

(CIE = Cambridge International Examinations)