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Why Pizza Hut made a good decision

A lot of restaurants through out the country (Pakistan) join the Ramadan (Islamic Fasting Month) bandwagon as soon as the month arrives. From ‘All you can eat’ deals to the discounted, well-balanced diet plans, these restaurants lead the line. However, most people in Pakistan are ‘fast food crazy’ hence the lucky charm of Ramadan brings in a lot of money for the fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s etc. Continue reading

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National Youth Summit – The Joke


Yes, the name is pretty catchy – National Youth Summit. Such an event is one of it’s kind here, I can assure you. It’s empowering the youth in a weird sort of a way, or at least it claims to. It’s where you (If you’re young) will burst with energy and the neurons in your brain will grow vastly beyond the geography of your skull, consequentially popping out mathematical answers to every problem in the country. Welcome – the National Youth Summit is here to greet you for the very first time.  Continue reading

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Here’s another article I wrote a long time ago concerning the status of women in Pakistan’s society. I think you may find this to be a good read.


No matter how much we brag about women’s rights and atrocities committed against them, one thing remains certain with any doubt: We’re confused about the approach that we must take in order to provide a counter to the status-quo. And why is that? Here’s when sometimes sociology lessons are useful – it’s not about the mindset anymore, it’s not about the mythical conceptions about woman’s weak physical nature and it’s certainly not about her frail intellectual capacity (I don’t believe this anyway) – it’s more about how the money flows. Continue reading

How Money Leaves It’s Mark