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Answer (Poem)

My questions reflected the dearth of sting

But they felt it nonetheless, the eyes grew wide

Mouths open, words didn’t flow, and then they closed

Their minds spurned, and then their words

I understood – that they had nothing for me to understand


I could not ask questions to others – the thirst did not stop

The mind swelled, the pain grew but I could not contest

Ignorance was at large, in me, they claimed

But those who don’t have the answers are not witty and wise

I had the questions they could not answer


Patience, however, did not exhaust – it grew more

The more you endure, the more you learn to endure

At every step, with each second, the hunger grew

No one could put the fire down but the mind of me

So I yearned for self, and I yearned for the missing pieces

Life, Poetry

The Untamed Beast (Poem)

I won’t tell you what this poem is about, or what sort of inspiration caused me to pen this down. It’s very close to me, so close that the poem is encrypted and I can’t tell you what’s it’s about. Does it take away the purpose of reading a literary piece? If yes, then read it for my sake. Continue reading