New Intentions

I don’t know how to say this – frankly, this is getting a bit repetitive anyway – but I’ll try getting it out regardless: here I am! For a brief stint meant to clear some thoughts. I am writing this post for the purpose of revitalizing intention: I declare, or hereby intend, to write something about my transition into a new country very, very soon. I simply must. I am ashamed to admit that despite reading a fair amount of literature, ritualistically listening to podcasts, watching videos on online learning platforms and whatnot, there is no substitute to practice. I learned this in my last philosophy course as well. Excellence beseeches a never-ending state of practice. A temporary stop-gap post will not do. As you can tell (or more appropriately, read), my writing prowess (if there was such a thing, to begin with) has attenuated. I am using words that don’t fit. Even if they do, I am never sure. There is a flurry of thoughts every day but I can feel myself weakening at the moment of expression. I simply cannot speak, or write, or express in any shape or form in ways I would really like to. I have tonnes of assignments to write, exams to prepare for and more, and all of this is routine. If there ever was a practice to ruin whatever skills one could hone and acquire, then living with a lack of thought to action each day is it. This is an attempt, a cry and a whimper, directed at myself to pay some heed to my writing. It needs me, and I need it too, more than ever.