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Here’s another article I wrote a long time ago concerning the status of women in Pakistan’s society. I think you may find this to be a good read.


No matter how much we brag about women’s rights and atrocities committed against them, one thing remains certain with any doubt: We’re confused about the approach that we must take in order to provide a counter to the status-quo. And why is that? Here’s when sometimes sociology lessons are useful – it’s not about the mindset anymore, it’s not about the mythical conceptions about woman’s weak physical nature and it’s certainly not about her frail intellectual capacity (I don’t believe this anyway) – it’s more about how the money flows. Continue reading


How Money Leaves It’s Mark

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Answer (Poem)

My questions reflected the dearth of sting

But they felt it nonetheless, the eyes grew wide

Mouths open, words didn’t flow, and then they closed

Their minds spurned, and then their words

I understood – that they had nothing for me to understand


I could not ask questions to others – the thirst did not stop

The mind swelled, the pain grew but I could not contest

Ignorance was at large, in me, they claimed

But those who don’t have the answers are not witty and wise

I had the questions they could not answer


Patience, however, did not exhaust – it grew more

The more you endure, the more you learn to endure

At every step, with each second, the hunger grew

No one could put the fire down but the mind of me

So I yearned for self, and I yearned for the missing pieces

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The Local Heroes

Most students like me have the tendency to waste their long summer holidays, and then fret about the wasted time. This time, I thought it would be a good idea to do something productive, not only for myself, but for others as well. One of such opportunities presented itself  a few days ago, when my mom’s friend just invited me to go with her to a special children’s school, where she worked. As the special school ‘Amin Maktab’ was operating due to their annual summer school, the idea sounded good – ‘the boring days will at least go away’, I thought to myself.  Continue reading

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The End.

Going inside the examination hall for my physics exam still invoked fear. 40 marks could change everything, so an ox’s effort was required. Having not slept for the past 20 hours, the eye-lids were getting heavier as each second ticked by. Facing such adversities, I sat on my special Cambridge-provided wooden chair, which by the way, felt a little larger than usual – so that was another reason for feeling uncomfortable. And finally when the paper started, all other thoughts drifted into the background as I was battling the paradoxes involved in the study of matter. Continue reading