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The Untamed Beast (Poem)

I won’t tell you what this poem is about, or what sort of inspiration caused me to pen this down. It’s very close to me, so close that the poem is encrypted and I can’t tell you what’s it’s about. Does it take away the purpose of reading a literary piece? If yes, then read it for my sake. Continue reading

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Uncertainty Can Inspire

Two years ago, when I started my A’levels, I pledged to work hard and achieve my dream of attending a college in US. As days passed and my involvement in ‘real life circumstances’ grew, my mind faded from the ‘bigger picture’ I had in my mind. It’s really that easy – when confounded by challenges in life, one tends to forget the real challenge i.e. to remain focused on the real dream. I lost out on my dream. I didn’t prosper academically therefore, life passed it’s verdict that was painful yet correct. I lost out on my dream. Continue reading