After an enthralling comedy night at LUMS, I wondered; what is my strong suit? How can I stand out? How do I distinguish myself? The people on that stage possessed a surreal amount of talent. To appear unnerved in front of a crowd that can berate you there and then for a slight gaffe, how do they do it? How do they maintain such composure, yet come out on top? And that’s not it; they make people laugh, consistently, from joke after joke that are all improvised. That’s brilliant. Thinking on your feet and then bellowing out a witty pun for the public to appreciate; this is a very unique form of art, one that often goes unappreciated in Pakistan.

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The day my childhood was ruined

This post will be vague, and I’m not going to give you any answers. The experience was traumatizing. Some of you will understand the horror, some of you won’t.

Enjoy yourself.

The Angel of Death stands in the room

Have a better look of the divine booty:


So may be this is what was missing in the Avengers!

“I need to pee”

With that, I leave you to your bouts of laughter, or curses – whatever might be the case, this day, my childhood was ruined.